Typische Highland Whisky. Veel smaak beetje zoetig en veel omvattend. Ziltig en fruitig en blijft lekker lang hangen. Ook duidelijke eikenhout smaak
Cijfer: 8,5
The Glenturret Distillery is located on the banks of the Turret River two miles north west of Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland.[1] The distillery is hidden in the valley and its secluded location may have contributed to its early history as the site of several illicit bothy stills.[2][3] The high hills to either side of the distillery were thought to act as lookout points for the smugglers. [4] When Alfred Barnard visited the distillery he described the valley as a perfect paradise to artists, who come in great numbers to transfer some of its transcendant beauties to canvas. [5] The distillery is located in the parish of Monzievaird and Strowan.[6]